Wednesday, 18 May 2011


So... My plan to update at least 3 times per week has not gone so well thus far. We have just been SO busy lately that I have decided to postpone the hardcore blogging until im back for good in Aug/Sept this year.

We recently got back from the trip we won to New York, which was an AMAZING time. Felt so good having everything paid for by someone else ;P The second part o the win shall take place in 8 days time when we depart to Las Vegas for 4 days. Ive never been and absolutely cannot wait!!! Things shall surely be hectic though, as the day after we return I am flying home to England for a few months to finish up the VISA application and have my interview. Im sure it will all go well, but alas im still ruddy nervous!!

So T.T.F.N My lovely people and I shall see you all again very soon, when I return to this magical, sunny land of fun!