Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Contemplating a pet bloggy in addition to this one

My recent contact with sponsors and companies regarding products for me to review has given me a new idea. I did intend to use this blog for everything, and include all types of products however the thought crossed my mind yesterday or creating a new one specifically for pet items.

I could style the blog to give the impression Loki and Bucky are actually the authors, and write both how they played with /used the items, and then do a final segment on "what mummy thought" in which I would write a human perspective on the products. I think this might add a good element of humor to the writing, and make it more fun to read. Additionally Having a blog solely for pet items may increase my readers because the content is more specialized, rather than a bit of everything!

Im not sure about this yet, and havent actually contacted any pet toy/ accessories etc companies yet, but if I can develop some interest and I get a good response from companies who would like to work with me, then I may create that one. Should I not get a good reply, then I shall just include the odd pet product review here along with the other reviews that should start hitting the blog in the next few weeks!

Ta Ta for now!

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