Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The top 10 items I want from Amazon !!

I must admit that I am a bit of an Amazon junkie, and if money allowed I could probably make a good dent in my wish list! So I decided to list 10 items that I really want! You can check out all the items listed in the slideshow at the bottom o this post.

1. D90 Kit- I have been wanting a DSLR for years now, and after much research have decided upon the D90 kit. At almost $1000 it sure isin't cheap, but it shall truly be an investment.

2. Over the door jewelry organizer - In recent years I have built up my jewelry collection so much that I now need a better way to organize it all. I keep my expensive pieces or sentimental pieces in a jewelry box, but this over door organizer looks ideal for the rest of my bits and bobs. It can hang ear-rings, bracelets and necklaces in a convenient way.

3. Kitchen aid stand mixer- Its no secret I love to bake, and sometimes my little $5 hand mixer just does not cut it. I have always loved the look of the classic stand mixers and thus it is now in my top 10 wants!

4.  Green pashmina scarf - After watching the movie 'Confessions of a shopaholic' I have since wanted a green scarf just like hers! I have yet to find one exactly like the one she had, but when I do I plan to snap it up!

5.  Lighted make up mirror - I actually bought this for a friend once and she loved it. After I used it too at her house I decided I wanted one also, and hope to buy one eventually. It not only has magnification and light, but also different types of light so you can match your make up to the situation e.g night time/club !

6. Charcoal smoker grill - This is more so my husbands want, but I love his grilled chicken so much that I want it too. He is certainly a charcoal man and has his eye on this baby. It has a smoker on the side where you can place smoker chips to truly enhance your foods flavor!

7. Colorful drawers - I actually have these drawers back home in England and use them to store and organize my make up and make-up/hair tools! They are quite simply perfectly sized, and within each drawer I put 4 small Tupperware containers so I can organize the contents yet more. They would also be perfect for craft needs and storing things like paper/scrap-booking items. Below is a video I made which shows the drawers in my room back home.

8. Apple Ipad 2 - Its no secret that the Ipad is this years must have gadget, and I do not normally give into hype but its stats do really look quite impressive, and after fiddling with one at an apple store I have to admit Id love one. I cant afford one yet, but hopefully I'll be lucky and win one! haha one can dream!

9. Warcraft priest tee - World of Warcraft is my game of choice, and after playing almost 5 years I am pretty loyal to my main character, a priest. Id love to get this tee and show off my geekiness!

10. Wilton Decorating set - As I mentioned above I love to bake, and this set would be a dream addition to my kitchen. Since moving I have hardly any baking equipment, but having this kit would be fabulous!


  1. Being a photographer, I want the D90 Kit as well!

  2. I love love love that you have a wish list slideshow. :)

  3. The D90 is a great camera, the camera that tried to replace it isint really better, I think the D90 will remain popular for ages, probably why the price is not dropping :(

    Hehe thanks me too. But everytime I look at it I want the things more lol, hopefully I shall be able to tick a few off when I get a job :)