Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shopping scores of the day

Picked up a few cool things today and thought I would share.

1) Pants hanger -

 I snagged two of these for $1.48 each at goodwill today. I bought them for my stash of ribbon, however once I put it all on here it will probably only fill up one hanger, so I guess the other shall be used for pants like it was intended!

2) Grill basket -

 I was in target with a friend today and saw they had marked down all of their summer clearance to 70% so decided to have a bit of a peruse and see if there was anything I needed wanted. When we grill we normally just do chicken or burgers and I do the sides and veggies indoors, however now that I have this grill basket I am hopping to try some veggie patties and maybe fish too, or perhaps line it with foil and try asparagus spears. It was marked down to $5.08 so not a BARGAIN bargain, but compared to what it was, and the usual price of these I feel it was a pretty good deal.

3)  Magnetic strips with mounting hardware -

Since becoming obsessed with  joining pinterest one of my many new loves is all things magnetic. I have so many little magnetic projects in mind, and hopefully these little beauts will come in handy. They were marked 70% off to only $1.78 a pack, so I grabbed four. This was one of those buys that I probably shouldn't have made because I don't have an immediate use for, But now that I have them I will make sure to work them into something!

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