Sunday, 9 September 2012

Scarpbook paper covered drawers

This was a project I did a few months ago, and was my very first furniture modification. I completely forget to take a before picture, so the after is the only one I have.

I bought the desk from the Salvation army for the BARGAIN price of $8. It did have a drawer under the right hand side, however I took a turn to fast on the way home and it flew out from the truck and smashed, I wasnt too unhappy about it though because that drawer was in REALLY bad shape. So since the photo was taken I have sawed off the drawer's old tracks and it is now just an open space.

The scrapbook paper was from walmart, It was a small pack of 5 designs with 2 pieces of each and was only $1! I mod podged it to the drawers after cutting to size, and then applied a layer of mod podge over the top. I took the handles off and painted each one a different color, you cant tell in the photo very well but they are metallic colored paints, one pink, one purple and one green. I shall take a better quality photo soon!

The paint I won in an old contest, so it was no money out of pocked for that. The mirror was $5 from salvation army and I painted it in two of the colors I used on the drawer handles, then distressed it slightly.

I have since bought a small chair too which I scored at goodwill for $3, photo coming soon! I am not really a huge fan of the paint color, however this was my first real furniture re-do so for a first attempt I am quite happy with it.

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